Avanti Training Courses

Safe work in wind turbines always has top priority at Avanti Wind Systems. Therefore, Avanti offers a wide range of safety courses for technicians working in wind turbines.

All Avanti Safety Courses can be held anywhere in the world and performed in most major languages. Avanti is a global company with strong local forces.

We have a large training program and several years of experience. We have specialists who can teach anyone working in wind turbines in:

  • Health & Safety
  • First aid
  • Rescue & Evacuation
  • Fire Precautions

And of course in Avanti Wind Systems' own products, ladders with Fall Protection System, Service Lifts and other safety systems. At Avanti Wind Systems we know exactly what kind of Personal Protection Equipment a technician must bring along before entering the ladder in a turbine. We can also teach him how to check and use the equipment in practice. 

The law requirements for the courses that a technician must pass before he can climb into a wind turbine differ from country to country.

In some countries there are law requirements on health protection and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) – and either way the manufacturer of the machinery and equipment in a wind turbine often have course requirements before technicians can have a turbine tower as workplace.

And above all, it is essential that the turbine owner and the technicians who will be working in the tower always have safety as top priority – just like Avanti.

Avanti Wind Systems offers two types of courses, an open course with participants from different companies and a closed course for participants from the same company.


The Open Course can be held worldwide in any Avanti location in several languages.

Avanti’s Danish headquarter in Hillerød close to capital Copenhagen has a training area with ladders and an operational Service Lift installed.

The closed course
 is designed for a group of participants from the same company. Typically, the course will be conducted on the company’s own site anywhere in the world. If preferred the course can be arranged at an Avanti location.  


The course can either be one of Avanti Wind Systems standard course or we can make a specially designed course based on customer needs.

It can be held at the turbine site where the technicians are going to work saving time and travel expenses for the company. The course can be conducted in English or with a local speaking instructor.    

Among the courses from Avanti is:

- Basic Fall Protection course – 4 hours. 

- Fall Protection, Evacuation and Rescuing course– 8.5 hours. 

- Extended course in Fall Protection, Evacuation and Rescuing – 16 hours. 

- Refreshment course in First Aid Training with CPR also for technicians climbing in wind turbines – 3 hours  

- Extended basic course in First Aid Training with CPR for technicians climbing in wind turbines – 8 hours 

- And a range of courses in operating Avanti products. 

Please contact Avanti Wind Systems for any questions about courses for personnel working in wind turbines. You can find our offices around the world here. Or you can call our Training Department in Denmark, phone +45 48 24 90 24 or email: training@avanti-online.com

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