Avanti Ladders

Strong Design

Avanti has produced ladders since 1885, and for more than 2 decades Avanti Wind Systems has produced ladders in aluminum for the Wind Turbine Industry. With great success – Avanti’s ladders can be found in turbine towers all over the world.

The Avanti Ladder is a safe and rigid structure. The design is optimized ensuring strength in the stiles, in the rungs and in the connections between stiles and rungs. Avanti never makes any compromise when it comes to safety.
The ladder can be assembled from top to bottom in the turbine tower with either fish plates or in addition to these with special stile connectors – depending on the method of installation.


Easy Installation

The Avanti Ladder can be installed with or without Avanti Fall Protection System.  Part of that is a rail mounted in the center of the ladder. The system can also easily be mounted on the ladder when the ladder is installed in the tower.

Avanti can supply a large range of accessories to the ladder system. Avanti Anchor Point is developed by Avanti and can be mounted anywhere on the ladder offering the technicians a safe point to which they can connect themselves when working from the ladder.

In Europe it is required by law that there is a resting platform for every 6 meters.  Avanti has developed a collapsible resting platform, which easily can be mounted on the ladder.  

The ladder is made of aluminum – and it not only used in wind turbines. The Avanti Ladder can be installed inside and outside anywhere you need a safe and easy mounted ladder system. Avanti’s engineers will be happy to work with you to find a safe and cost efficient solution.